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Nowy Tomysl

The area of Nowy Tomysl is known from rich tradition of growing wicker, hop and production of wicker works. Decisive influence for development of these specification was natural terrain, micro climate and historical processes which caused that in XVIII century population of “Olender” settlement came to this land.

Marshy areas of Obra river with lush wild willow, probably from the beginning were for humans settlements great raw material base for the needs of development of wicker-making craft. Colonization of these lands with “Olender” Settlement was the beginning of the development of wicker-making in a larger scale. First willow plantation in XVIII and XIX century were called the most beautiful and as a example.

Similarly, beginning of the hop growing in the area of Nowy Tomysl, are related with colonists from Germany and Czech Republic, who came to this lands in late XVII century. At the “Olender” communities there were privileges allowing making home-made beer. Therefore small, home plantation of hop were grown on these lands.

In a region with such rich traditions and interesting history, in May, 1985, was built a Museum of Wickerwork and Hop-growing in Nowy Tomysl. This object was created as a branch of National Museum of Agriculture and Farming and Food Industry in Szreniawa. For the needs of the Museum, local authorities gave 2 objects:

  1. Reconstructed, after- “olender”, historic residential building from the late XVIII century, as a main headquarter of the Museum
  2. Wooden building, styled, called Hunter’s Manor, built in 1977 (in December, 2008 was completely burnt down because of the fire).
  3. In May, 2006, for the needs of the Museum, built in 2005 “Olender” Barn was given to the Museum on the initiative of the Polish Weavers and Wicker-work Makers Society. Ground floor of this object is for speeches, lectures, museum lessons. In case of bad weather, ground floor of this barn is used for organized by the Museum outdoor events, wicker workshops, presentations how to weave. In the attic of the barn, there are exhibitions “Artistic and usable wicker forms – new design”, unique wicker forms made during Polish Wickerwork outdoor workshops, organized since 2001 by the Museum.


Buildings are surround by the area of 1.75 hectares, there are botanic exhibitions:

  • salicarium – plots of different kind of the wicker
  •  willow park – shrub and tree forms of the willow

and exhibitions of artistic forms made from the wicker based on changing yearly temporary after outdoor exhibitions.


There are presented permanent exhibitions:

  1. “History of basketry and wickerwork in Poland – ground floor of the main building
  2. “History of hop-growing in Poland” – the attic of the main building
  3. “Artistic and usable wicker forms – new design” – the attic of “Olender” Barn


There are organized 2 open-air events nationwide:

    1. National Wickerwork Outdoor Workshops

Main form of this event is weaving forms based on the certain design as a open presentation how to weave. For the visitors, these workshops are unque opportunity to observe whole process  of weaving original wicker forms or even try themselves weave something.

    1. Meetings of Young Basket-makers

In this event are involved young people, who are interested in art-craft, specially wicker-making, who learn this profession in a few schools in this area. This event is realize as a practical classes – wicker-making workshops with using selected wicker raw materials and theoretical – speeches about growing willow, its processing and use. there are organize trips to wicker farms and wicker factories, meetings with the artist, who create art from the wicker.

Other activities in the Museum:

§   lessons for schoolchildren

§   displays of weaving wicker

§   basketry workshops for schoolchildren

§   “Wicker for Amateurs” – basketry workshops for individual visitors (Saturday-Sunday)


Opening hours:

from April to October

Tue-Sat              9 am – 5 pm

Sun              1 pm – 6 pm

from November to March

Tue-Fri              9 am – 3 pm

Sat-Sun               11 am – 3 pm

Visit us at:





10, Topolowa st.

64-300 Nowy Tomyśl

Tel./fax 61 442 23 11

e-mail:  nowytomysl@muzeum-szreniawa.pl