The Bird Republic in the Warta Mouth

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

The Bird Republic in the Warta Mouth

The winner of European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) Poland 2009.

Would you like to find yourself in a place that attracts hundreds of ornithologists from home and abroad? Do you want to meet face to face with a white-tailed eagle, a teal, a ruff or an oystercatcher? Or maybe you prefer to meet some of the other 250 bird species?

All is possible in one magical place! The backwaters and meadows of the Warta Mouth National Park cover an area of 8.000 hectares. Thanks to the commitment of the Friends of Słońsk Association it was created the Birds Republic – a unique initiative which main aim is to gather all bird lovers.

Throughout the autumn, the huge flocks of geese are arriving. It is a break in their journey to the winter breeding grounds. Stay quiet and listen to the noise made by the wings of even 150.000 geese taking off on their migration. Do not forget to visit Słońsk – the capital city of the Birds Republic where you can become it’s “citizen” and get your own passport. This special document will enable you to collect the bird stamps confirming your presence in a given year. Enjoy the view of the colourful plumage of the mating birds, relax by listening to the wonderful concert of the birds trills, discover the mysterious history of the city bound up with the Order of Saint John or embark on an exciting tour in the Warta Mouth National Park.

While visiting this exceptional area you should not miss the opportunity to take part in the local community events such as: bicycle rallies “White Stork Trail”, the Marsh Days, the Meetings with Meadow and Orchard or even … the Cow’s Holiday.

More info: www.tps-unitisviribus.org.pl