The Multicultural current of the Bug River

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

The Multicultural current of the Bug River

The Polesie is an area where the river Bug meanders freely.


It is a land of an unrestrained nature, friendly to exceptional animal species. A land at the crossroads of cultures where various traditions are interconnected. This multiculturalism combines the past and the present.

The destination offers a wide variety of interesting cultural events including  The Landart Festival and The Three Cultures Festival in Włodawa. Visitors can admire open-air exhibitions, paintings and sculpture workshops at Uroczysko Zaborek.

The region also has a multitude of historic monuments and religious shrines, localised in Koden, Jabłeczna and other picturesque villages along the Bug river. Old restored mansions such as Zamek Biskupi and Łukowiska offer visitors luxurious spa treatments and a perfect relax away from hustle and bustle of civilization rush.

It is also worth to visit the Arabian Horse Show organized in the  oldest Polish stud farm in Janów Podlaski.

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