The Beskid Five

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

The Beskid Five

The Beskid Five is a micro region representing all values of the Silesian Beskid. An unforgettable and varied landscapes, as well as possibilities to play various sports are waiting for you here. You can also experience the traditional Highland hospitality and culture, enjoy delicious regional dishes or visit unique monuments.

Each of the five municipalities offers its own kind of positive energy. In Brenna you will find peace while wandering among the high peaks and hidden groves surrounded by the unspoiled nature.

In Istebna you will get to know local traditions. Here you can dance to a variety of folk music and buy famous crochet works from Koniaków.

The next municipality – Szczyrk is the source of energy. It is the paradise for all enthusiasts of active leisure. This region offers the network of hiking trails, cycling paths, skiing areas and a modern ski jumping complex.

The fourth area is Ustroń granting you the power of health. Here are situated many rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums and naturopathy institutes.

And last but not least, in the very center of the Beskid Five area you can find Wisła which boasts of the power of healing springs. It is the point where the Vistula River begins its run. You can hike to the source of the Queen of Polish Rivers. You can also see another interesting natural attraction – beautiful waterfalls called the Rodło Cascades. The Beskid Five is waiting for you at any time of the year!

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