Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)


Międzyodrze is the land of swamps and wetlands located south of the city of Szczecin. It is bounded by the two arms of the Oder River:  the West Oder river and East Oder river.

The Międzyodrze area also includes numerous islands located between the Oder and Dąbie Lake. The local peat bog hosts unique examples of fauna and flora. Here you can find a lot of reed beds,  mud sedges, reeds and huge areas of the swamp forests. In Lower Odra Valley Landscape Park (established in 1993) you can meet many animals, among which there are: beaver, otter, ermine, wild boar, badger and raccoon dog.

If you enjoy bird watching, here you can see not only popular waterbirds (geese and cranes) but also many endangered bird species, including red kite, white-tailed eagle or short-eared owl. An unforgettable experience can be the observation of the brightly colored woodland kingfisher gliding just above the water line.

The rivers have many species of fish. Among the others, you can meet here common bream, European eel, loach, tench and wels catfish.  There is also a buffer zone around the landscape park. It was created in order to protect this area against the harmful influence of external factors. You will find here peace and quiet within the nature. You can simply rent a kayak and start your adventure! Who knows, maybe you will discover “your own” creek?