Hospitality and flavours of the Bialowieza Forest Region

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

Hospitality and flavours of the Bialowieza Forest Region

Traditional cuisine, the use of local herbs and aromas, hospitality and a vast cultural wealth – this is what makes the flavours of the Bialowieza Forest so unique.

Bialowieza Forest Region is an exceptional destinations in terms of nature, culture and tourism. A member of UNESCO World Heritage, the region has developed multicultural environment by combining Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian accents.
You can get the sense of it just by looking at the landscape and, of course by tasting  the local cuisine.


Slow down, relax and listen to nature and to other people.  Find your natural rhythm of life and get healthier, both mentally and physically. Surrounded by beautiful fields, meadows with picturesque rivers crossing the whole landscape, you can explore and enjoy cycling, hiking, Nordic walking, canoeing, riding the famous Draisine, narrow-gauge train, rickshaw, horse-drawn carriage. Not to mention skiing after a horse- ridden sleighs…

Keep your eyes and ears open

You will be surprised how the Bialowieza Forest Region affects your senses. Sounds, melodies and rhythms of nature are abundant – just like the entire local tradition and culture. You can listen to birds, the music of the Orthodox, and the melodious dialect of this region. Look around and enjoy beautiful landscape, with its characteristic wooden architecture, ornament houses and churches. At night you mustn’t miss the starry sky. Remember to cuddle our huge trees, touch the hay and the green, juicy grass. Make your senses work in harmony with your body!

Taste local dishes

Here you can enjoy the most delicious food! What’s more – the taste comes together with a pinch well-known hospitality the region is renowned for. You can finally try things you’ve always wanted to- but never had a chance:  venison, natural lard, meats prepared according to old recipes, dumplings, local potato cake and the bread served straight from the oven. Discover also the local Marcinek cakes and teas made with forest herbs and sweetened with local honey.

Find out more at: https://bialowieza.travel/