The Barycz River Valley

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

The Barycz River Valley

The Barycz River Valley stretches about 133 kilometers. The valley looks puzzles composed of fitting elements such as  ponds, lakes, forests, meadows and pastures.

Here is located the largest fishpond complex in Poland. The valley is also home to numerous bird species living in the world class ornithological reserve. The Milicz Ponds are among the world’s most important ecosystems.

If you are bird lover, you will appreciate special towers for bird watching placed within the area. Try to live in harmony with nature and appreciate the amazing works of human hands. Here, you can see many picturesquely situated buildings made of natural raw materials. They all look like taken from the old days. Your eyes will be delighted by landscape full of churches, cottages, mills, weirs and old windmills. You can explore this beautiful area by foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Many interesting places can be discovered during kayaking between meanders of the wild Barycz River.  

You should not forget to visit the refuge of Polish Pony – a breed which descends from Tarpan wild horses. In autumn, the area hosts a series of special events called the Carp Days. In this time you can try local cuisine and some great fish dishes. Even the most demanding guests will be satisfied!

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