The Zulawy Loop

Eden Polska Międzynarodowy Konkurs
na Najlepsze Europejskie Destynacje Turystyczne (EDEN)

The Zulawy Loop

Petla Zulawska (The Zulawy Loop) is the region in northern Poland, by the Baltic Sea. It is a part of Pomeranian Coast where the Vistula Delta is situated.

 The nature lovers will delight in the fact that there are two landscape parks, fifteen protected landscape areas and ten nature reserves. You can observe numerous bird species in one of the ornithological reserves. Go for a walk in order to listen to the rush of the river and feel the scent of plants in Biała Góra floristic reserve. Pętla Żuławska is a perfect place for everybody who wants to escape the modern world with all its rush and bustle. Here, you can calm down, slow down your pace of life and wander among picturesque villages and small towns.

The magical atmosphere of this place is created by countless scents, colors and sounds. It will remain in your memory long after you leave this fairy tale land. The region is also famous for its rich cuisine based on local products. Be sure to taste the hand-packed plum jam, fine cheeses, different kinds of honey and regional beer brewed according to the traditional recipes in a small brewery in Braniewo.